Assistant City Manager

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Tarsha Calloway is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Prior to her arrival in Union City, Tarsha had ten years of experience in various financial and auditing positions. Tarsha joined the Union City team in 2009 as Comptroller.

As comptroller, Tarsha’s main roles were to assess the City’s financial program, address any areas of concern, and identify resources available to resolve complex financial problems. During her time as Comptroller, she received her Certification as a Local Government Officer in 2011. After excelling in her role as Comptroller, Tarsha was promoted to Finance Director in 2014.

Under Tarsha’s leadership the Finance Department and Utility Division thrived. As Director, Tarsha oversaw both the Finance Department and the Utility Division. Her outstanding leadership led the City to financial success with $19,319,801 in the General Fund and financial reserves which increased 81% in comparison to when she first started in her position.

Tarsha was most recently promoted to Assistant City Manager in October of 2017. Tarsha plans to support the vision, mission, and guiding principles of the City and assist in directing the programs, operations, staff, and resources of the City Manager’s office. Tarsha’s goal is to continue using her gifts to revitalize, rebuild, and rebrand the City.