Code Enforcement 
5060 Union Street 
Union City, GA 30291

PH: (770) 515-7890

PH: (770) 515-7889

PH: (770) 515-7849

FX: (770) 774-8937


To serve the community by enforcing local ordinances designed to protect the quality of life, safety, and welfare of all Union City citizens.

The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for the inspection and enforcement of residential and commercial properties that violate local ordinances.

  • Grass Cutting
    Grass and weeds cannot exceed 12” in height.
  • In-Operational Vehicles
    All vehicles must have a current tag and be operational.
  • Trash and Rubbish
    All exterior and interior of property must be kept in a clean and sanitary condition.
  • Unpermitted Signs
    Be sure to obtain a permit before erecting signs in Union City. Signs cannot be placed on the public right-of-way.
  • Bulk Item / Extra Trash
    If extra trash will not fit in your container, please call (770) 474-9273.
  • Animal Leash Law
    Please respect the City’s leash law.
  • Open/Vacant Structures
    Owners are required to secure any open or vacant structures.
  • Expired Business Licenses
    Please be sure to renew your business license each year.
  • Premises Identification
    All buildings should be marked with address numbers (4”Height x .5”Width).
  • Waste Wheelers
    Containers can be placed at the curb no sooner than noon the day before and removed no later than 10 AM on the day following pick up.
  • Water Ban
    Please follow the water restrictions published for the City of Atlanta.  We purchase water from the City of Atlanta and must follow their restrictions. These restrictions change with the weather and current drought level issued by the State.