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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • When are tax sales held?

  • What additional fees will be applied to a property scheduled for a tax sale?

  • Where can I find the City’s Zoning Ordinance?

  • What are Union City's Development Regulations?

  • How do I find the zoning of a particular piece of property?

  • Where can I find the City’s zoning and land use maps?

  • Where do I locate the locate current codes for the plan review process.

  • How many sets of building plans do I need for plan review?

  • Where do I submit plans for review?

  • How long does the plan review process take?

  • How much does a permit in the City of Union City cost?

  • What information is required in conjunction with the building permit application?

  • Where can I apply for a building permit?

  • What building activities require a permit?

  • Does the City regulate signage?

  • When does the Planning and Zoning Board meet?

  • How is the public notified about a rezoning?

  • Does the City provide zoning verifications?

  • Does the City have a list of permitted uses in each Zoning District?

  • What do I receive upon completion of all inspections?

  • How do I schedule building inspections for a Certificate of Occupancy?

  • What are the tax exemptions available in the City of Union City and when do I apply for these?

  • How does the City determine my property taxes?

  • How do I acquire a power release on a vacated residence?

  • If I do not pass my inspection will I be charged a reinspection fee?

  • What is the lifespan of a Building Permit?

  • What are the community plans for the City of Union City for the next 20 Years?

  • What is a site plan and what is its approval process?

  • How do I acquire a Business License?