Union City Community Garden

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The City of Union City desires to develop a community garden to stimulate the social interaction of citizens and neighborhoods.

Citing concerns for food security and nutrition education in their community, the garden is envisioned to provide inter-generational opportunities to encourage a healthier urban environment.

To design a space that can “...gather, plot, grow, and give,” the Atlanta Regional Commission worked with a Steering Committee to identify the best models for Union City.
The Committee engaged in dialogue with subject matter experts and made field trips to visit garden sites throughout the region. Two primary models were identified, but the various advantages and disadvantages of seven additional sites were evaluated.

Community feedback on the general design concepts was solicited at the end of the project. Though the city has voiced their strong support for encouraging healthy living, Union City has limited experience with hosting and maintaining an urban agriculture site. The process of education and evaluation that led up to the final public meeting helped to prepare the city for the level of commitment they would be undertaking.
By saving the public engagement step to the end of the process, possibilities were presented that were grounded in a realistic understanding of the capacity to initiate and maintain the garden site.


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