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PLEASE NOTE: Reset notices for court dates missed due to closure will be sent by mail to the address listed on your citation. If that address is incorrect, please email your updated mailing address to this EMAIL. To locate your new court date, click the CLICK HERE link below. You will be redirected to new page. Click the one time payment link, put in the requested information and you will get your court date and fine amount. CLICK HERE

We STRONGLY encourage you to take advantage of our online and telephone payment options which are located on the payments tab of this website. In addition, as you can imagine we are receiving an unusually high volume of phone calls and again we ask for your patience, but also encourage you to send your question or request to this EMAIL.

Once Union City Municipal Court reopens for court hearings the following guidelines will be mandatory. Please review this letter to ensure that you are in compliance on your court date.   

ATTORNEYS: Please send all Entry of Appearances and/or Motions to this EMAIL. Once received your case will be forwarded to the Solicitor for a pre-court review. You may then hear from the Solicitor for other options.  If you have already submitted an Entry of Appearance, the Solicitor will begin reviewing cases June 1, 2020.