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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • I use online bill pay service. Where should I send my payment?

  • What are the water, sewer and sanitation rates?

  • I own a vacant property and I want temporary service. What do I do?

  • What are the outdoor water use restrictions?

  • As a resident, how do I stop service?

  • As a new resident, how do I get service?

  • How do I pay my utility bill?

  • How can I tell if I have a leak?

  • Will the City repair my leak?

  • Why do I have low water pressure?

  • How often will I be billed?

  • Where does my water come from?

  • Is my water meter read every month?

  • What do I do if the water line that runs from the meter to my house breaks?

  • Who do I call for water emergency service?

  • What do I do if my sewer backs up?