Property Taxes

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Tax Statements & Payments

Union City Tax Department bills and collects ad valorem taxes on an annual basis.  


The 2019 tax billing date is September 25th, 2019 and the due date is November 25, 2019. 

We are pleased to announce a secure easy way to pay your property taxes anytime, anywhere. Click here to begin paying your taxes online.

Be advised, partial payments will not be accepted for property taxes. 

The 2019 Millage Rate is 14.326

2019 Real Estate Property Tax Statements 

2019 Personal Property Tax Statements

To obtain a copy of a 2019 tax statement please click the appropriate link above and use the search tool to navigate through each parcel. Keep in mind that the statements are in numeric order by parcel number. Any prior tax years due (if any) will be reflected on the current tax statement. Property tax records reflect the owner(s) of record as of January 1 of the specified year.

Payments must be received on or before the due date to avoid interest and penalty. Payments can be made online, in person or mailed to: City of Union City Attn: Tax Department, 5047 Union Street, Union City, GA 30291.

Please include either the parcel number or address with payment.

If your mortgage company is paying your tax bill, the mortgage company is responsible for obtaining your tax information directly from our office.


Delinquent Taxes

Interest on unpaid tax bills will be applied in accordance with Georgia Code §48-2-40. Monthly interest charged on taxes not paid by due date will be calculated at one twelfth (1/12) of the federal prime rate (per each year) plus three percent. The current interest rate is .625%.

Penalties on unpaid taxes will be applied in accordance with Georgia Code §48-2-44. A 5% penalty will be assessed if not paid by 120 days after the due date and an additional 5% will be added every 120 days with a maximum of 20%.

2020 Tax Sale Date: September 1, 2020

The tax sale list will publish in the South Fulton Neighbor every Wednesday on the following dates: August 5th, August 12th, August 19th and August 26th. 

Excess Funds Claim

If you believe you are entitled to excess funds please send a written, signed and notarized request to Union City, citing your recorded interest in the property (with a title opinion if possible). Funds are available for distribution to the entitled parties in the order of priority in which their interest exists.


Senior Homestead Exemption 

Senior Homestead Exemption Application

• Do you own property in Union City?

• Is your name on the deed?

• Do you live at the property as your primary residence?

• Will you be 65 years of age or older on January 1st?

GOOD NEWS! If you meet all of the above criteria you are just one step away from being tax exempt. Simply complete the Senior Homestead Exemption Application and submit, with a copy of your photo id, to the Tax Division by September 2, 2019 to receive the exemption for the 2019 taxes.



Property tax records reflect the owner(s) of record as of January 1 of the specified year. If ownership of real estate has changed, please forward the tax statement to the new owner or return to City Hall. Tax statements are always mailed to the owner of record as of January 1st of each year. The new owner’s name will not appear as the property owner until January 1 following the year purchase.


Change of Address

You must submit a written request to the Board of Tax Assessors. The request may be faxed to 404-893-6626 or mailed to: Fulton County Board of Tax Assessors, Homestead and Return Division, 141 Pryor Street, Suite 1047B, Atlanta, GA 30303. You also may visit the main office at 141 Pryor Street or one of the following locations convenient locations: 

Fulton County Government Center (Main Office) 
141 Pryor Street, Suite 2052 
Atlanta, GA 30303

South Service Center
5600 Stonewall Tell Road
College Park, GA

North Service Center
7741 Roswell Road
Atlanta, GA

Alpharetta Service Center
3155 Royal Dr. Suite 175
Alpharetta GA


Appeals & Reassessments

If your property is currently under appeal, your tax statements taxable value will be set at the taxpayer return value or 85% of the proposed value, as determined by the Board of Tax Assessors. This bill must be paid by the due date in order to avoid interest, penalty, tax lien, and /or tax sale. A refund and/or an adjusted tax bill will be provided after the appeal/reassessment has been settled.


Contact Information

Union City Tax Office: 770-515-7951  

City of Union City

Attn: Tax Department

5047 Union Street

Union City, GA 30291


Fulton County Board of Assessors office: 404-612-6440

Fulton County Tax Commissioners office: 404-730-6100