Automated Water Meters Replacement Program

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                                             AUTOMATED WATER METER REPLACEMENT PROGRAM

                                                                       PHASE I INITIATIVE

Union City will be undertaking a new Water Meter Program. This initiative will update or replace the meter in approximately 1,500 locations during Fiscal Year 2015.

The new meters will be able to securely transmit data remotely to data collection units in the city, which will then be securely transmitted to a central database, effectively reducing the need for City staff to manually obtain a water meter reading. The new meters will also save in operational costs and help ensure fair and equitable billing for customers.

New meters through the program will be installed and rolled out by zone, beginning in Zone 2. The rollout plan targets residents and businesses that have meters that must be read manually. Residents will be notified via door hanger, when installers have replaced or updated their meters.

These new meters will help the City of Union City provide services in a more efficient way. It supports the detection of water loss in the system, such as leaks more quickly, which will result in saving water and costs.

The City has hired Utility Solution of America, Inc. to assist the Water Department staff in installing the new meters and transmitters.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the City implementing this program?

The new meters coincide with Union City’s plans to upgrade and improve its water and wastewater infrastructure. Several water meters now in use are nearing the end of their expected lifespan and need to be replaced. The automated meter reading program will allow the City of Union City to replace the old meters with more efficient and up-to-date technology.

The new water meters will help to keep better track of water consumption across the city, detect water loss more quickly and eliminate the need for manual water meter readings.

2. How will the program roll out?

Meters necessitating replacement or updating for Books 8-11 will be addressed beginning in January. This process is subject to funding availability with the final phase of the program addressing Books 12-17, 20- 25, 28, and 30. Phase Two of the program will address 12 additional Books located in Zone 1 and will be rolled out at a later date.

3. How do I know which Zone I am in?

The Account number will help you determine which zone you are located in. Each zone consists of Books. The Book is the first 2 digits of your account number. The Books per zone are listed below:

Zone 1: Books—1-7, 18, 19, 26-27, 29, and 31
Zone 2: Books – 8-11, 12-17, 20-25, 28, 30

Example: If your account number is 08-1234-01, then you are in Zone 2 because the first 2 digits of your account number is “08”.

4. Why start with Zone 2?

This zone has a large percentage of customers currently without automated reading functionality and one of the objectives of the program is to move as many customers onto an automated meter as soon as possible.

5. How will property owners know when installers are in their zone?

Property owners will have a door hanger placed on their doors when installers have completed installation.

6. How many meters will be replaced or retrofitted?

About 1,500 water meters will be installed or replaced in Phase One, including businesses.

7. Who will install the new meters?

The City has contracted with Utility Solutions of America, Inc. to install the new meters.

8. How long will it take to do an inspection and installation?

Times will vary depending on the situation, but generally it will take approximately 15 minutes for customers receiving and upgrade (No Service Interruption) and 30-60 minutes for customers receiving a new meter (Interruption of Service).

9. Will residents pay more for water after the installation?

If a homeowner’s current meter is not accurately recording water use, they will see an increase in their water bill. If a current meter is accurately recording water use, and consumption patterns remain the same, the fees will remain the same, with exception to any future water rate increase approved by the City Council.

10. How will businesses be affected?

Current meters will be replaced or upgraded, which is expected to increase the accuracy of their consumption data. The City will work closely with business owners and operators to find the most convenient time to do all necessary work. Every effort will be made to have as little impact as possible on operations or business.