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Division Overview

Administrative Services is provided to the department through the collaborative efforts of the Fire Chief and the Assistant Fire Chief. It is our goal to ensure that the Department receives the finest apparatus and equipment available.

Administration is responsible for all Department operations including personnel, facilities, equipment, supplies, apparatus, and vehicles. In cooperation with the City Operations Director, the Administrative Division works to maintain high standards while operating within the annual budget. 

Mutual Aid/Automatic Aid

In emergency services, Mutual Aid and Automatic Aid is an agreement among emergency responders to lend assistance across jurisdictional boundaries. This may occur due to an emergency response that

Mutual Aid - Fairburn

exceeds local resources, such as a disaster or a multiple-alarm fire. Mutual Aid benefits the surrounding departments by providing additional manpower and equipment when their resources may be limited.  It may also be a formal standing agreement for cooperative emergency management on a continuing basis, such as ensuring that resources are dispatched from the nearest fire station, regardless of which side of the jurisdictional boundary the incident is on.

Mutual Aid may also extend beyond local response. The State of Georgia has a statewide mutual aid system, which is the Georgia Mutual Aid Group.  By combining the resources of the Department with the resources of other political subdivisions of the State of Georgia during times when additional resources or manpower is needed.

Currently the Union City Fire Department has mutual aid agreements with all the fire departments in South Fulton County which includes the City of South Fulton County Fire Department, Fairburn Fire Department, City of Atlanta Fire Department, Palmetto Fire Department, and College Park Fire Department providing mutual aid across local boundaries.

Mutual Aid - Fairburn

An example would be the Fairburn downtown fire in February 2010 in which coordination efforts providing mutual aid were provided by several local fire departments: Union City, Palmetto, Peachtree City, Atlanta, City of South Fulton County, Coweta County, Clayton County, and Fayette County. These resources were used to assist the Fairburn Fire Department in suppression of the fire.