Stop, Drop, and Roll

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Stop Drop and Roll


Stop, Drop, and Roll is a fast and easy way to put out the flames. Use Stop, Drop, and Roll any time your clothing or hair catches on fire, or you see someone whose clothes are on fire. Stop, Drop, and Roll is the best way to put out the fire!

Just as the name says: You Stop. You Drop to the ground or floor. You Roll around until the flames are out. Make sure you cover your face and mouth. You will want to protect your face from being burned and scraped on the ground. You also want to make sure you don't swallow smoke.

Fire needs air (oxygen) to keep burning. When you run, you are making a wind that helps the fire! You will want to cut off the air and stop the flames. When you roll on the ground, you are smothering the flames by cutting off the air.

If you see someone whose clothes are on fire, tell them to stop. Yell at them to stop, if you have to! Tell them to drop down to the ground. Find a blanket, large coat or towel to throw over them to smother the flames. Tell the person to roll on the ground and keep rolling until the flames are out.

You need to practice to make sure you know how to Stop, Drop, and Roll.

Teach everyone in your family and practice often. Help your younger brothers and sisters learn how to do it correctly. When you call out Stop, Drop, and Roll to them, they should know just what to do.

Show them how to cover their face and mouth, so they don't burn their face or swallow smoke. Practice throwing a blanket over the person.