Emergency Medical Services

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To provide prompt, professional Emergency Medical Services to the citizens and visitors of Union City. Our goal is to provide professional and personal services to those in need.

About the EMS Division

The Union City Fire Department provides the first tier of emergency medical treatment for residents and visitors. In 2017, the Department responded to 4,550 calls for service. Of these, 3,823/84% were for EMS incidents.  These calls are handle by 3 ALS Staffed Engines and backed up by one med unit.

With EMS trained firefighters on duty 24-hours a day/7days a week in locations optimized for response times, the Department compliments regional ambulance services.

The first tier of emergency medical treatment means the closest medically-trained responseRescue unit, that responds to the scene of a life-threatening medical emergency to provide the quickest intervention, and thus the highest chance of survival and recovery for a victim. Rapid intervention by the closest unit is critical in emergencies involving trauma, stroke, heart attack, allergic reaction, and choking. If any of these lead to heart attack or shock, failure to provide rapid treatment within 4-6 minutes could lead to irreversible brain damage and potentially death.

The Department is also the provider of extrication and disentanglement for victims trapped in vehicle crashes, building, trench and other collapses, and emergency situations. Regardless of which entity arrives first, the first tier of care is designed to minimize the time a patient remains on scene, and to stabilize the patient for transport to a hospital facility for advanced treatment and recovery.

The next tier of emergency medical treatment is provided by the Grady EMS as the ambulance provider. Together, the tiers provide a network of care for the patient regardless of who arrives on scene first.

Medical Direction

Dr. Kenneth Jones, serves as the Medical Director of EMS. Under the direction of Dr. Jones, the Department is able to provide the quality care that the citizens of Union City expect and deserve.

The Division is required by federal law to adhere to the HIPAA Policy.

HIPAA Policy