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Suppression Services is dedicated to providing safe, timely, and effective response to the citizens of Union City in their time of need.  We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and are committed to continuous training. Our focus on training assists us in maintaining peak performance of our duties while ensuring customer satisfaction and through incident mitigation.

How We Operate and Where We Are

OperationsOur department staffs 3 stations with 15 personnel assigned to one of three 24-hour shifts. We utilize three advance life support engines and 1 command vehicle in our response. Our responses include: commercial fires, house fires, grass fires, vehicle fires, and a myriad of other hazardous incidents that require a safe and immediate intervention. Our Chiefs and Command Staff are well versed in mitigation of emergency incidents to include automatic as well as mutual aid. Our Lieutenants, Sergeants, FAOs, and Firefighters are instructed in the latest and safest suppression methods in the fire industry. We strive to ensure that safety is paramount, regardless of the situation and circumstances. 

Additional Resources and Tools

The Union City Fire Department maintains a professional working relationship with our neighboring departments that provide us with mutual and automatic aid should the need arise. In mutual aid other area departments are requested once the need is established. We also have automatic aid agreements with Fairburn and the City of South Fulton. With this agreement fire units are dispatched at the same time as our units are and are considered as part of the first alarm assignment. This arrangement helps us with our ISO rating. Union City is also an active member of the Georgia Mutual Aid Group in which the current fire chief serves as the secretary of the organization.

Where We Are Going and Our Future

Union City Fire has grown from their original single bay, concrete block station that was built by volunteers to three double bay stations that house multiple pieces of fire apparatus. We have gone from an all-volunteer department in the 1960’s to a career department with fifty full time members. The continued growth of Union City has provided the opportunity for a fourth station that is in the planning phase now. Our fire safety division has progressed into a division that is community focused and very active in fire safety programs as well as other areas of safety. The future is bright for the Union City Fire Department and we continue to look ahead to make this a department the community is proud of.

Our department slogan holds true, “Semper Paratus” meaning, Always Ready.