Employee Assistance Program

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

We are pleased to announce, our EAP provider, has changed to EAP Consultants in order to bring you enhanced EAP services. Eligible employees and family members are eligible for up to six sessions of counseling per year as well as access to legal, financial and work-life referrals. In addition, you now have access to an interactive website of resources, training, wellness, and self-help information. You can access this website at www.eapconsultants.com username: unioncity.

At one time or another, most of us will face a personal problem or family care issue that impacts the quality of our home life, relationships, health or ability to do our best at work. Most of the time, we can work these things out ourselves but, at times, we could benefit from some professional, objective guidance. Union City has partnered with EAP Consultants, a well-known and respected provider of EAP and Work-Life services. EAP Consultants has a network of counselors, located all across the country, to provide these services to you and your family when you need them. Rest assured that you will still have access to the local providers with which you are familiar.

Help through your EAP and Work-Life Services is . . .
• Professional—You have access to highly skilled, licensed, professional counselors and work-life specialists at no cost to you.
• Convenient—Counselors with flexible hours are available near your home or workplace. Referrals for work-life services are also made to local resources.
• Confidential—Your right to privacy is fully protected by law and company policy. No one at work or outside of work will know if you use the EAP and/or Work-Life services.

Union City is pleased to offer this enhanced benefit to you and your family effective immediately. It represents a commitment to making our company a better place to work and to helping all of us achieve our full potential—both personally and professionally.

Please note that the number to access EAP has changed! The new number is 800-869-0276. This number will be used to access all EAP and work-life services.