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baby shower

The Multipurpose Room is a highly functional location to host your Grandmother’s 80th Birthday Party, your sister’s Baby Shower, your son’s graduation or anything else in between. The main room seats 120 people and comes completely furnished with tables and chairs. The room offers a large kitchen with ample counter space and an added bonus feature, the beautiful screened in porch. Just off the porch is a lovely side yard that is perfect to let the children run and play with privacy. Bring your own grill and pull right up to the building. Residents receive a special discount just for living within the Union City limits.

If you are interested in renting the Etris-Darnell Community Center's Multipurpose Room please review the Rental Policy. There you will find all deposit and fee information as well as our rules and requirements for renting. Once you have read thru the Rental Policy and you have called to confirm availability please fill out a Rental Application and bring it to the Etris-Darnell Community Center. We accept Cash, Check and/or Money Orders. Please make any checks payable to the City of Union City.

Multi-Purpose Room Rental Information

Multi-Purpose Room Rental Agreement





Large Round Table (72”) Seats 8


Regular Round Table (60”) Seats 6




Rectangular Table (6’) Seats 6


Banquet Table (Used for serving food only)