The Pavilions at Ronald Bridges Park

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Ronald Bridge’s Park is host to two pavilions.  Both are ideal for family gatherings large or small. Recently, in 2010, we constructed a brand new pavilion complete with ceiling fans and large picnic tables.  An additional pavilion is located near our scenic nature trail and comes furnished with two picnic tables. Immediately adjacent to our west pavilion area, lies a newly constructed restroom facility.

If you are interested in renting one of our pavilions, please review the Rental Policy. The policy details deposit and fee information as well as rules and requirements for renting. Once you have read through the Rental Policy and you have called to confirm availability, please complete a rental application and bring it to the Etris-Darnell Community Center. The Department accepts Cash, Check and/or Money Orders. Please make any checks payable to the City of Union City.

Pavilion Rental Agreement

Pavilion Rental Information


West Pavilion




East Pavilion