Our Mission:

The mission of the Public Services Department is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of residents by providing high quality and cost efficient services. We work for you…to utilize, preserve, and improve the quality of life in our community.

Director's Message:

Thank you for stopping by to see how the Public Services Department serves you- The City of Union City. There are numerous changes occurring in our city, and it is imperative the Public Services Department provides, as well as facilitates the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure, transportation systems and various core services to keep our City functioning as it should. Our aim is to effectively communicate to the community useful information in addition to the understanding of the roles we all play in the use of available resources and how those resources work. As you browse through our website you will discover information regarding upcoming, current and past projects, instructions for service requests, various educational materials, and much more. The Public Services Department is committed to assisting the City in providing to its residents:
- Exceptional Customer Service
- A clean and inviting community
- Infrastructure Upgrades in keeping with economic improvements
- Improved aesthetics throughout the community
- Increased community amenities
- Water/Sewer services
We are pleased with the progress our Department has made and will continue to strive for continued improvement in the upcoming years. We encourage you to join in on the excitement by participating in our special events, volunteer opportunities, or by meeting us at the next city council meeting as it would a pleasure to see you. Whether you live here in Union City or are just visiting, browse the website for details on “What’s New”, share your feedback to help us improve and always remember….This is Your Union City!

Lonnie Ferguson-Director of Public Services