System Maintenance

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The storm water system is maintained by the Public Services Department. Each year we conduct inspections and complete an annual report to be submitted to the EPD for approval. Storm water maintenance is very important to our environment since all storm water eventually ends up in our streams.

A below ground structure designed to collect and convey water into the storm sewer system. Catch basins can be located in roadways and greenbelt areas of a development. Surfaces of all catch basins shall be checked for debris (monthly). Typical cleaning (once every 3 to 5 years).

The City will monitor the completed development for one year to determine how often the catch basin will need cleaning. Inspect for damaged or missing block and mortar (annually).

A manhole is a structure that allows access into a closed conduit. Manholes can be located in the roadway and greenbelt areas of a development. 

Please consider the following:
• Inspect for damage or missing block and mortar (annually).
• Inspect for debris within the structure (annually).
• Typical cleaning (every 10 years).
• Problem areas as determined by the City shall be cleaned (every 5 years).