Prescription Discount Program

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The Union City Council in conjunction with the National League of Cities (NLC) have a program to help residents save money on prescription medicines not covered by insurance.

The Union City prescription discount card is available to all city residents free of charge and can help save an average of 20 percent off the price of commonly prescribed medications at participating pharmacies.

To learn more about the card and what pharmacies participate in the network, call toll free (888)620-1749 or click the image below.


Prescription Discount Program

 What the Prescription Discount Card Is

The NLC Prescription Discount Card is designed to help residents save money on prescriptions that are not covered by insurance. The program is offered in collaboration with the NLC through its member cities. The program is not insurance.

Who it is for

The card is offered to all city residents, there are no age or income restrictions. There are no restrictions or limits on how many times individuals can use the card. One card can be used by all family members.


While savings may vary by drug and by pharmacy, the NLC Prescription Discount Program provides an average savings of 20 percent. Residents will pay the negotiated discount price offered through the program or the pharmacy's retrial price, whichever  is lower.

What the program costs

The card is FREE. There is no cost to the City or to residents to use the card. There are no enrollment fees and no membership fees. Residents just pay the prescription cost less any applicable discounts.

How residents access the program

There is no waiting period. Union City residents simply present the card at a participating pharmacy. More than 59,000 pharmacies nationwide participate in the program, including the major chains as well as many independent pharmacies.

How can I obtain a card

To obtain a card you may either print it or pick one up at City Hall.

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